Here's a short primer about spring fashion. (I'll blog more later too regarding this topic)

feathers on a beaded top

Obviously- by now, we are tired of our winter clothing and it is time for something new. However,  with only a slight variation in temperature, it is sometimes difficult to transition our wardrobes and minds. As we all know, for spring, the palette lightens and fabrics do as well. For fabrics- cotton is not yet fully appropriate- linens, knits, rayons and light toned woolens are what to wear. These are materials that are good for cooler spring temperatures.  In terms of color-pastels, khakis, florals, light geometrics all are considered spring. Coats should be leather, wool, knits, canvas, and twills. Suede, fur, heavy wools are no longer considered in style after March. For your shoe wear- unless unseasonably warm, bare legs and sandals are not in season quite yet. A bare ankle with a legging and a flat are perfectly alright. Boots are also okay as long as they aren't a winter boot. (And yes- for blizzards - please still wear your snow boots.) Lighter colored tights and leggings are better even when layered for warmth. Light colored sweaters, cardigans, tops are a good way to transition in our region. Bright colors are also great for the spring as we all are familiar with the bright yellow rain coat. If you still want to wear dark tones- go towards blues, charcoals, browns in the mocha family. The idea being that they are still compatible tones with lighter colors. So that's a bit of an overview. These guidelines are good to know because when you follow them your fashion will seem intuitive and carefree. There is more to say on this topic but we will wait until next time.

sheer polka  dots