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Lula is not a consignment store. We buy outright. Our method is that we make appointments with people to their homes. At Lula Vintage, we make appointments with individuals that have a collection of 30 pieces of clothing or more. We look for items from 1975 or earlier. We will look at later items - but we prefer brand names like St John’s, Malia, Lanz, Ungaro, Nippon, Von Furstenberg etc. We will allow walk-in appointments at the store but those are reserved for exceptional items - for example- a white fox fur coat or 1950’s evening gown all in perfect condition. We accept both men's and women's clothing, and all accessories. We travel to you - appointments are scheduled to be held at the home of the seller. Lula cleans all of our items before they are put into the store. There is no reason to pre-clean them as they will be cleaned again. So if you have an item that you are looking to sell or donate, feel free to email with a clear description. Email is the best way to get results about buying. Feel free to include photos when we respond to your email. Once again, we are not a consignment store so we do not do any consigning of clothing.

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