Our store is located in St Paul, Minnesota at Selby Avenue and Snelling Avenue South. We have been open since 1992.

We specialize in clothing 25 years or older. We sell clothes for men and women. Lula's vintage clothing  operates as a seasonable fashion boutique. So in the spring you will find spring clothing in stock. In the autumn, our store has clothing appropriate for fall. Every season demands different clothing needs and we attempt our best to cover all of your style bases. Our items are  cleaned and ready to wear. The store constantly is in flux to satisfy the whims of the Lula customer who generally loves fashion, vintage and being on trend. We also sell items on this website. To keep any confusion from occurring- the items for sale on site are not in the store. However- high quality similar items are constantly added to the store. Please come shopping at the actual storefront as you can then be certain of fit and you can have  the full experience at being at our store that  is very full of very wonderful items.

We are located in a shopping area called Selby at Snelling in St Paul where we have many wonderful neighbors. Gifts, bikes, lingerie, flowers , salon services, fitness, yoga, cafés, garden supplies, baby clothes and much more. Please bring your friends and take in our entire neighborhood.

If you'd like to learn more about our store - please contact us through our Contact Page.




SUNDAY in Summer closed except for July 17th 11-3 to celebrate bastille day on our block

 closed on major holidays

(hours are adjusted seasonally)