Hello 2016

So glad to meet you.

So here's the plan for LULA 2016:

Goal 1: expand our website in a huge way to all of the world- LULA goes International

more product online- these items will be separate from the store- (ONLINE ONLY). If you live in our cities- you can defray the cost of shipping by picking it up wrapped and ready to go at LULA and we can also use BOXHAWK to deliver it to you immediately in the twin cities at a very low cost.

Goal 2: LULA will have a huge bag sale at an undisclosed location on a Saturday in May or June.

 It'll be 8 hours only. It will be a bag sale. Cash only. $20 per bag. (The Bags are BIG.) No coats or purses will be allowed into the sale. You can share a bag with another person but you must leave the sale with your partner. You must buy a bag to enter the sale. ( I'm pretty certain you'll find something but yes if you don't find a single item to place in your bag, you can get your $20 back upon returning the empty bag.) I will announce the date of the sale in APRIL. I will announce the location a week before. (getting dropped off at the sale will be recommended or car pooling.)

Goal 3: Share more of your photos on our website, Facebook page and Instagram.

We want to see your style with what you get from LULA. Please email me any photos to lulavintagemn@gmail.com. Share with us on Instagram too. I would love to show exactly how cute you are to the entire world. You can tag LULA VINTAGE WEAR Facebook page too.

Goal 4: help write a book

Yes, it's true! Bloomsbury publishing gave my pals and I a contract to write a book. We could really use your help with our research. Please participate in the survey about your vintage shopping habits. The link is on Lula's Facebook page.

Goal 5: Get good condition vintage clothing to the masses

This has been the purpose of LULA for over 24 years. Please help our mission proceed for another half century more.

Goal 6: Celebrate our 25 years in OCTOBER with a spectacular nice outfit event

more on this later but you should start planning your outfit now.